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Alternative Financing: Easiest Source of Small Business Loans

Alternative Financing has grown in Australia by 88%; and the reason is that it is making it super easy to get small business loans. For anyone who’s held back from trying because it appeared too hard, we’re busting this myth for you:

The myth about small business loans in Australia

Many will have you believe that the tiniest blemish in your character or your business risk factor can have lenders escort you outside the premises.

That’s not true.

  • Firstly, business loans can be taken in many shapes and sizes; not all of them require substantial collateral, high interest or lengthy paperwork.
  • Secondly, with the growing adoption of alternative finance that focuses on getting small businesses up and running, it is a 21st century myth that getting a loan out here is hard.

Source of the Myth: The Traditional System

Business Loans for a very long time have only been acquired through traditional systems; the ones that majorly consist of large banks.

Here is where the myth comes from. The tiring procedures filled with arduous paperwork has made people believe that getting a simple small business loan is a draining endeavour.

These strict and hectic procedures are only true of the banks that are required to follow them and is not true of alternative financing. Now you know.

Alternative Financing For The Win

Alternative financing is starting to emerge as the real king for small business loan seekers. It improves upon traditional systems’ red tape and eliminates the need to get “all up in your business.”

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One of the best things about this method of financing is that by eliminating the strenuous formalities, due importance is laid on your business’s exact needs and how you can best finance them.

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Applying with Alternative Financing:

No more smudgy documents; we’re going paperless. That’s right, and alternative financing is simple enough that you can get started online in just a few clicks. We are eager for you to get your loan super quick with Hubbe and that’s exactly why we’ve made a three-step process.

You can even finish enquiring with us in the next few minutes!

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Hubbe’s Alternative Financing for Small Business Loans

Here’s what we can further get done for you: Hubbe helps you get an unsecured business loan of up to $150,000; without you having to provide us with any collateral for security. You’ve literally only got to share with us your bank statements for the last 6 months and that’s it.

The Variety with Hubbe

We have for you a collection of loan options that can be tailored to any business need of yours:

Invoice Finance

Having trouble with customers paying invoices on time? We won’t let it affect your cash flow with our Invoice Finance.

Business Vehicle Loan
Need a company car, a work van or a whole new fleet? Our car finance experts save time and money by sourcing you the right finance.

Business Line of Credit

We’ve designed a line of credit as a safety net for you so you can focus on your business without worrying about day-to-day finances.

Secured Business Loans

Up to $500,000 in secured loans can be in your business account tomorrow with our 24-hour approvals.

Unsecured Business Loan

No collateral for up to $150,000. Just apply for unsecured business loans in Australia, and our experts get back to you within hours.

Business Equipment Finance

From forklifts and excavators to software and IT equipment, we will sort you out anywhere between $5,000 – $50,000; just tell us what you need.

Enquire Now!

Start With Us

Alternative finance is all about returning focus on the benefit of the loans rather than the difficulty of receiving one. Go ahead and apply; we’ve already shown you how easy it is!

Did this help you bust the myth about how to apply for small business loans? Check out more here.


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