Facility Guideline:

Minimum Loan Amount: $50,000

Maximum Loan Amount: $20,000,000 Larger loans considered

Loan Term: Minimum 1 month term

Borrower: Incorporated entity

Turnaround: Same day If security is available for registration

On going Fees: Nil

LVR: Up to 70%

Loan Break Fee: NA

Valuation Fee: Quoted per application

Use of Funds: Business & Commercial use

Indicative Approval Time :Within one hour of receiving completed application form

Interest Rates: From 1% per month

Acceptable Locations: Any postcode LVR may vary

Security Option:

  • Property
  • Rural
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Plant & Equipment
  • Invoices
  • Rent Roll
  • Specialised Security (Assets which are outside general lenders criteria)
  • Variety of cross collateralised security options to achieve required LVR%

Loan Structure:

We are able to settle on any of the structures below,

  • First & Second Mortgage
  • Caveat

We Specialise In

  • A Partner is on hand to make an immediate approval. No lengthly waiting times for credit meetings.
  • We lend against valuations not purchase price.
  • We can settle on the same day.
  • Panel valuers act immediately upon our requests. Can turnaround in 1 day!
  • We develop successful solutions where our competitors only see obstacles.
  • Able to fund in any post code in Australia.


$6.8 million deposit
A recent client urgently needed $6.8 million for a deposit on his option agreement, otherwise he risked losing the option. After approaching Hubbe for help, we lent the client the money secured via a first mortgage over another property he owned.Exit: Refinance/Sale

$350,000 bridging facility
One of our clients had sold a property and purchased a new one on Sydney’s northern beaches, however the settlement on the existing property was a month behind settlement on the new property. We arranged a one-month bridging facility for the client, secured via a first mortgage over both properties until the sale was complete. Exit: Settlement of existing property

$6.3 million funding within 48 hours
A client recently approached Hubbe seeking urgent funds for a property option they’d signed. The arranged finance had been withdrawn at the last minute, meaning the client was at risk of losing the property. After conducting due diligence, we lent the client $6.3 million secured via second mortgages over their existing portfolio – all within 48 hours.Exit: Refinance

$220,000 second mortgage
Our client had equity in two investment properties that were under contract awaiting settlement,
however in the meantime, they required urgent capital to commence work on a separate sub-division. To make the capital available, Hubbe extended the loan up to 70% LVR and took registered mortgages over the two properties. Exit: Sale of property

$1.2 million funding for IPO
One of our clients recently approached us seeking $1.2 million for an urgent IPO. After conducting our due diligence, we lent the full amount within 24 hours secured via a first mortgage over a property the client owned in Victoria. Exit: Refinance

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