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Need commercial loans or commercial property finance? You’re at the right place

Whatever the budget, the income, or the goal, Hubbe can provide you with the best commercial loans available.

Our experienced professionals will work with you and act on your behalf to ensure the right type of commercial lending at the right rates of interest.

At Hubbe, we believe that the best way to do this is first to conduct in-depth interviews to analyse your financial particulars. Once we gain this understanding, we can best represent your interests and needs.

Only then, with the aid of competitive commercial loan interest rates, can our brokers provide you with an affordable commercial property loan to match your needs and capabilities.

Perhaps you need to boost your business by buying new premises or, to take care of expansion, you need a larger space. Whatever the case, our contacts and experience in commercial property finance will get you the best loan possible.

You can put your concerns aside; be it a private or a low doc commercial loan, we’ve already helped many in Australia to supercharge their businesses, and we’re here to do the same for you. The property you need is now a step closer.

At Hubbe, we specialise in providing a range of options for all shapes and sizes of business ventures.

This includes alternative finance options for those who don’t conform to strict bank policies because of credit issues or lack of other parameters. We provide competitive rates and brokerage expertise, so you can be sure you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Our approach is in-depth, the experience is valuable, and our capability is unmatched. We’re in touch with a wide range of lenders to find one who will best meet your needs.

Contact us today and discover how commercial loans can be easily accelerated.

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How to get the right commercial real estate and property loans

Which commercial property loan is best for me?

Different people have different needs, and it’s only after assessing these that the best-suited loan can be offered. Hubbe’s detailed consultation with you helps in finding this out, with commercial loan rates starting from 4.79% p.a. there will definitely be a loan that will be just right for your unique requirements.

Can Hubbe deliver low doc commercial real estate loans?

Certainly, this is possible. Both low documentation and non-conforming options for commercial property loans. Which means that it no longer matters whether you have poor or bad credit ratings or a below-two-year ABN. Hubbe will work to select the best from a range of commercial property finance options to meet your specific condition.

What is a lease doc commercial property loan?

These are meant for investors with rental producing commercial properties. It provides you with the ability to choose between Commercial Variable and Fixed Rate Loan products. Without submitting financials or tax returns.

If you’re looking for a lease doc loan, Hubbe is ready to help. You can be sure of competitive interest rates that will add wings to your next commercial property investment or project.

Key features of lease doc products:

  • Loan-to-value ratio of up to 70%.
  • The remaining lease term required can be just 12 months.
  • The loan term itself can extend to 25 years.
  • There are no annual reviews or ongoing fees.

It doesn’t matter where in Australia you’re planning this project. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or elsewhere. Hubbe is standing by to help.

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The best commercial loan rates

Can you tell me more about standard commercial loan interest rates, and low doc commercial loan rates?

Such rates are variable, and always subject to change. We post updated rates regularly for your convenience, these include short term, low doc loan rates and other commercial loan rates.

What are the options for fixed-rate / variable rate commercial loans?

Hubbe offers both types of commercial loans. We know you must be wondering which one is best suited for you as a business option. Do call us to discuss this and be assured that we will offer you a great solution.

The best way to find a commercial finance loan

What’s the method of getting a good commercial loan?

Our experience shows that there’s no one best answer for everyone. First, you need a clear idea of the amount of funds you need, then comes an analysis of what it will be used for. The expected repayment timeline is also important. It’s only with these steps that you reach your destination of the best loan for your current requirements.

The good news is that you are not alone in this quest. We at Hubbe are willing to partner you. Whichever Australian city you are in, you’ll find that we are ready for a consultation. We have the expertise and the experience to be your guide on the way to success in your commercial project.

Does a commercial finance loan have specific advantages?

Such a loan has features that are designed to meet the need of commercial interests specifically. As a business owner, trader or investor, with a commercial property loan, you know that your commercial interests and plans are being properly looked after.

What should be considered in choosing a commercial loan?

It’s important to be realistic and practical. How much money is needed, to what exact use will it be put, and how long will it take to repay? These must all be considered. With a correct business plan that outlines all these aspects and more, your chances of getting a loan are much brighter and quicker. You can also plan to not have to take more loans in case of repayment default.

Commercial Loan Brokers and Private Commercial Loans

What does a commercial loan broker do?

This is someone who is a middle man between you and the lender, be it a bank or a non-banking finance lender. These brokers will smoothen the way for you to get a commercial loan.

Once they know your needs, commercial loan brokers will examine current commercial loan rates across banks and lenders. They will familiarise themselves with the specifics and the fine print of loan agreements. They will recommend a range of options.

At Hubbe, we have detailed knowledge of the lending process and can add immense value to your search.

Could you tell me about private commercial loans?

This type of loan sometimes referred to as an asset loan, is one made by a private lender, not a bank.

Such a loan can offer a quick alternative to a standard loan when it comes to commercial finance. Hubbe is in touch with a vast network of private lenders and thus is uniquely placed to help you get just the right loan at the right terms.

Should I go for a private commercial loan or a bank loan?

The answer depends on your specific needs, on your credit history and on your calculated repayment timeline. Sometimes, a bank is best, and many other times, private lenders are the way to go.

The features of most bank loans:

  • They are cheaper
  • Their processes are slower
  • They are stricter about the documents needed
  • They can provide longer-term loans, up to 25 years

With private commercial loans, you will find:

  • They are more expensive
  • They are short term loans
  • The processes are quicker
  • The qualification is not so stringent

As we have mentioned, each person has different commercial needs and therefore, different options. After consultation with Hubbe, you will be best placed to choose among banks or private lenders.