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Make Your Development Projects Reality with Construction Business Loans

When you have business development plans, the first thing you need is appropriate financing to support them. This is where Hubbe can help. With seasoned professionals, Hubbe facilitates hassle-free business loans for construction. We partner with various private institutions and banks to bring you financial assistance that is tailor-made for you.

Construction Business Loans: Key Features and Benefits

Non-Bank Financing Options

Flexible, non-conforming loan options without requiring full debt coverage.

Low Documentation Loans

Ideal for developers requiring minimal paperwork for faster, simpler approval.

Comprehensive Financial options
Flexible Repayment Options

Repayment periods that add considerable flexibility to your development plans.

Large Loan Amounts

Construction loans offer significant funding to launch substantial development projects successfully.

When to Choose Business Loans for Construction?

You can opt for low-doc construction loans when initiating large-scale projects that require substantial initial funding. These loans are crafted to meet the financial demands of starting construction, ensuring projects proceed according to planned timelines without compromising on scope or quality.

Business-Expansion Loans - Hubbe Australia
Business Expansion

A construction loan can enhance capacity when planning to expand or renovate existing business facilities.

New-Developments Business Loans - Hubbe Australia
New Developments

Ideal for funding new construction projects, providing the necessary capital to initiate developments.

Cash Flow Support

Use construction loans to manage financial shortfalls and maintain momentum during construction phases.

Equipment Investment

Secure construction loans to invest in essential construction machinery or equipment to improve operational efficiency.

Eligibility Criteria for Low doc Construction Loan

Eligibility for a low-doc construction loan is highly individualised. To understand your specific options and basic eligibility requirements, reach out to us to connect with a specialist who can guide you through the process. For basic eligibility, you might need:

For Development & Construction Financing
  • You must achieve an LVR of 65% of GRV or 75% of Total Development Cost, whichever is lower.
  • You should ideally have 100% debt coverage in the pre-sales phase.
  • You must provide a complete set of your financials, compliant with current regulations.
  • You need verifiable and sufficient industry experience.
For Non-Bank Funding
  • You may opt for non-bank, non-conforming finance alternatives without needing 100% debt coverage in pre-sales.

What Documents are Required?

Proof of your income and assets

Bank Statements

Australian citizenship documentation

Active ABN and GST registration

What are the Documents Required - Hubbe Australia

How Construction Financing Empowers Your Business


Growth Opportunities

Access to construction loans can help capitalise on new projects and market expansions, driving business growth.


Cover Operational Expenses

Secure funding to cover daily operational costs, ensuring smooth business operations during construction phases.


Manage Cash Flow

Construction loans provide financial stability during uneven cash flow periods, ensuring continuous project progress.


Funds for Hiring

Loans can provide the necessary capital to hire skilled labour, supporting increased demand and project requirements.

Business Expansion Loans - Hubbe Australia

Business Expansion

Loans facilitate the expansion of operations, enabling the acquisition of additional assets and entry into new markets.

Construction Business Loans: Key Features and Benefits

There are various reasons why property developers avoid getting business loans for construction the traditional way, i.e. through banks. A few of them are discussed below

Document Intensity

The extensive and rigorous documentation requirements for bank loans deter many property developers.

Poor Credit Score

Banks typically reject development finance applications from developers with poor credit histories.

Unfavourable LVR

An unfavourable loan-to-value ratio can prevent developers from securing bank financing.

Inadequate Financials

Lack of comprehensive financial records can hinder small developers from obtaining bank-approved loans.

Due to these limitations, getting a loan traditionally becomes difficult and hectic. However, if you find yourself ineligible for a bank loan or simply want a hassle-free process, commercial construction lenders can help you out.

Why You Should Use A Broker For Development And Construction Loans?

A development loan broker or construction loan broker can help you secure the financing you need. These brokers facilitate connections between borrowers and lenders, facilitating various tasks, such as


Bridging the Gap

Mortgage brokers like Hubbe bridge the gap between lenders and developers, facilitating mutually beneficial deals in the construction industry.


Collating Paperwork

Brokers assist with organising necessary paperwork, even for low-doc loans, ensuring all required documents are prepared for lenders.


Negotiation Assistance

Development brokers negotiate to secure the most competitive interest rates based on your credit score and income, avoiding high rates.


Verification and Legal Help

Mortgage brokers provide important verification support and guide you through the legal aspects of securing construction finance.

How Hubbe Can Help You with Construction Business Loans

Choosing Hubbe enables you to access a vast network of lenders. With us, you can rest assured that you get the best financial assistance available in the market for your individual profile. Whether you opt for bank or non-bank funding, reach out to us to get a personalised solution to your construction business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Low-doc construction lending simplifies access to funding for small-scale developers and builders who may not have comprehensive documentation. Unlike traditional loans, which require extensive paperwork such as income and tax details along with project plans, low-doc construction loans reduce this burden.

Builders may opt for low-doc loans for any of these reasons:

  • Poor or no credit score
  • Insufficient documentation
  • No-so-favorable LVR parameters
  • No proof of income
  • Construction Loans

Succinctly put, anybody can apply for a low-doc construction loan. However, getting into the details is necessary. Typically, low-doc loans are sought out by builders and developers who have non-traditional sources of income. In these cases, offering proof of income is often impossible as documentation becomes difficult. As a result, such developers overcome this roadblock by opting for low-doc loans, which don’t require extensive documentation as proof of repayment capacity.

Some lenders only offer low-doc loans to borrowers with reliable credit scores. Others, on the other hand, require a larger than normal down payment and may also charge higher interest rates.

This streamlined approach helps those in the construction industry who face barriers in traditional lending, offering a feasible way to finance their projects with less hassle.

Whether you decide to borrow from a bank or opt for a low-doc loan from a private lender, the process can be daunting. Here’s where a broker like Hubbe can help. We act as the intermediary between lenders and borrowers like you. However, if you’re still not sure about what a development loan broker does, let’s explain.

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