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Planning to Take Your Biz down the Digital Road? Here’s How

A lot has changed since we stepped into the 21st century, especially in the way we do business. We expect everything to be simpler, smoother, seamless; all available at our fingertips, ‘literally!’

To keep up with the changing tide, any business enterprise, even the smaller ones, need to set up automated systems that can reduce manpower and get work done faster and at a cheaper rate.

That’s why there is a vast treasure trove of small business software applications that you must tap into to make every aspect of running a business simpler, as well as to boost your customer base, gain their trust, and keep them happy.?

In the fast-paced world of social media and digital communication that we live in today, a business owner cannot afford to deny the influence of internet and software applications. If you aren’t competitively equipped, you are sure to fail in the long run.

So, you need to, or rather you must understand how digitising your business can boost your enterprise within mere months or even weeks. So, take a look at some of the software applications most small business enterprises like to work with in order to make an impact on the market.

First things first – Build your own website

First things first – Build your own website
First things first – Build your own website

It is imperative that you, the New Age Enterprises, make the most of the Internet. For that, you must first establish your presence in the cyber world.

How do you do that? ?

Set up your own website. Buy a domain of your choice from any of the domain providers like OnlyDomains, GoDaddy, Cheaper Domains, MelbournelT, Enetica, or Netregistry.

Then, proceed to setting it up according to the way you want to establish your business, incorporating ideas on what your customers/clients can/should expect from you:

  • How you’d serve them,
  • What’s unique about your product or service,
  • Why they should choose you over your competitors, and
  • What are your long-term goals.

In short, you must impress them with your genuineness, diligence, and quality.

Next step: Do your research on the most relevant small business software applications that you simply can’t do without in 2019.

Book-Keeping and Accounting Softwares

You may not be an accountant, but to run a business, however small, you need to maintain your books, i.e. manage your finances.

For small business, struggling or bootstrapped, you can’t expect to hire a lot of people. But, you can buy or hire the services of an accounting platform. There are quite a few reputed small business accounting softwares and book-keeping softwares for small business to choose from:

  1. Zoho Books
  2. FreshBooks
  3. Sage 50cloud
  4. Sage Business Cloud Accounting
  5. NetSuite ERP

CRM Softwares for Small Businesses

There are quite a few customer relationship management or CRM softwares that will not only help you ascertain and gauge the level and extent of your reach and competence but also store them for future comparisons. These will enable you to find out if you really made the cut!

Most CRM software applications help you:

  1. Organize all your client/customer information in one place, only accessible by authorised personnel.
  2. Ensure faster communication flow between you and your clients/customers, as well as among the different departments of your organisation.
  3. Automate monotonous tasks, like sending out monthly customer reports or weekly follow-ups.
  4. Integrate your CRM software with accounting, project management, payroll, and/or data processing softwares.

There are quite a few CRM softwares for small businesses available. Some of them include:

There are many more CRM applications out there. Do your research, consider your budgetary constraints, and then select the CRM application that suits your requirements the best.

Customer Feedback Analysis Tools

There are also several companies that provide customer feedback analysis for a price. They assess your online reviews, ratings and customer sentiments, and provide you with a figure that denotes your market position. This will allow you to work on your weaknesses, while focusing on your strengths to help you optimise your efforts.

Online Chatbots for Small Businesses

Online chatbots are computer programmes that replicate a normal human conversation with the help of artificial intelligence. They are a good addition for small businesses looking to streamline their marketing or customer service, without having to spend on additional manpower.

These make communication with your clients and customers more efficient, less time-consuming, and cheap.

A few useful chatbots for small businesses are:

  • io
  • Jarvis
  • TacoBot
  • chat
  • IBM Watson Conversation

Cyber Security –Take it seriously and gear up!

Cyber Security –Take it seriously and gear up!
Cyber Security –Take it seriously and gear up!

By now, you’d have understood the significance of software applications in running your small business. But, all these applications and their data need to be safeguarded from cyber-attacks.

While the internet has its advantages, it also carries its own risks. Therefore, it is imperative for you to keep your guard up. You need to ensure your emails are safe from spoofing or phishing attempts and your data is safe from any kind of cyber-attacks.

There are an array of options in networking systems, software applications, and safety guards that you can choose from to keep your data and servers hacker-proof. Learn about them and deploy them. Don’t leave your company data exposed to cyber-criminals.

Our Takeaway

To ensure the growth and expansion of your business, you need to understand the power of digitisation, and provide your customers with the service they need, and that too fast, before someone else does!

Are you considering setting up your business in Australia or hoping to expand your enterprise? Then we at Hubbe can help you fulfil your dreams.


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