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8 Common Myth of Business Loan and how alternative lenders prove it wrong

Business finance is an important aspect of any corporate establishment. Be it a small business, a startup, or a large and well-established entity, maintaining the expenses and the cash flow is an important part to ensure healthy and smooth operations.
Running a business includes some critical and complicated financial aspects, where the need for an alternative financing option becomes indispensable. Managing the funds for payments, wages and salaries, upgrading technology, expansion of business, settling debts and take-over prospects are crucial to the success and growth of any organisation. Business loans are, therefore, important for any organisation, to mitigate such emergency funding requirements.
Business loans in Australia have been extremely popular and preferable for several reasons. The previous concept about business loans has been changed significantly and owners have come to see sustainable and convenient financing options through various alternative funding options.
Simple business loans, with low interest rates, are an attractive offer for such owners and can be an optimal option to serve the financial needs of an organisation. Fast and easy business loans have become very accessible to small businesses and startups, with convenient repayment facilities, making loans for commercial purposes more lucrative and popular amongst entrepreneurs.
Business owners in Australia have different kinds of financing options available in the market. It has become relatively easier to obtain finance for businesses. However, there have been several myths about business financing that had kept Australian businessmen away from availing the various finance options. With changing times changes in the trends of the market, there are various myths that have been busted by alternative lending institutions that have brought a revolutionary change to the whole world of business finance.

Common Myths of Business Owners Regarding Business Loans

Here are the most common myths regarding business loans in Australia.

It takes a long time to get business loans

Every business owner, who has applied for a loan from financial institutions, like banks and credit unions, have experienced the fact that it takes a long time to get a loan from such financial institutions sanctioned. The entire process of documentation, paperwork, verification, and final approval of the loan after the fulfillment of a wide array of criteria and requirements is a time-consuming process. Finances and fundings are a matter of critical importance for any kind of business. Often, it is no feasible and sustainable for certain kinds of businesses to spend that kind of time for getting a loan approved and might lead to disruption of business operations.
Alternative finance institutions have come with a solution to provide convenient and fast business loans. They provide alternative funding options that are simple, easy and completely hassle-free. Alternative lenders, like Hubbe, provide facilities of online documentation and approval of loans and disbursal of loan amounts within 24 hours of verification and approval. They also provide same-day approval facilities.

The need collateral while applying for a business loan

There are different policies that various financial institutions, like banks and traditional lenders, follow in today’s market. One of the key criteria for getting secured loans from such institutes is the condition of having collateral. Any business that intends to receive financing in the form of secured loans needs to show collateral that can be in the form of any asset of the business or the owner.
This has been a common conception amongst entrepreneurs. Alternative financing options provide loans that need no collaterals or the show of assets. These are called unsecured loans and financial lenders, like Hubbe, provide collateral-free loans with minimum documentation and verification. When you apply for a loan with such a financial institute, you do not require to offer any collaterals.

The need to complete a large amount of paperwork to apply for alternative loans

There is a common myth among business owners that applying for alternative loans requires a large amount of paperwork, with a complicated process of submission and verification. This is not at all true. Simple business loans are offered by alternative finance institutes that require minimum documentation. By providing basic details and a little amount of information, you can get easy approval of loans for various business needs. This has made such loans extremely popular amongst businesses in Australia.

Entrepreneurs need to have a strategic business plan to propose for a business loan

When it comes to getting a business loan from financial institutions along with a load of paperwork and documentation, experience in the industry is also required. Competent business skills and a strategic plan are essential for getting a loan approved by banks and similar financial institutions.
However, this is not the case for alternative financing options. Alternative lenders provide easy business loans where a rough idea and strategy about the progression is enough to get a loan. Such lenders provide funding even on the basis of a basic idea of the business model, and all other compliances and consultancy needs are also handled by such lenders through various other offers and policies, which makes the whole process convenient and hassle-free.

Loan application will be rejected if applied for a high amount

There have been cases where banks and credit unions often reject loan applications of high amounts. It is especially true for small and startup businesses that face a lot of difficulties and need to go through a complicated process only to secure a small amount of loan. This has also been a misconception about alternative lenders.
Alternative financing options provide high amounts of loans to various businesses in a simple and convenient manner. Lenders, like Hubbe, provide loan amounts of up to $500k to small businesses and large ones as well. When it comes to business loans in Australia, Hubbe is, therefore, a preferred and popular platform.

Interest rate is the most important aspect of business loans

It is believed that interest rate is the most important aspect of a business loan and should be the top matter of consideration while opting for a loan. However, this is incorrect as business loans need not be necessarily beneficial just because they come with a lower interest rate. Flexible, easy and convenient repayment methods also need to be considered along with the fact that loans that are approved and disbursed within a short period of time are preferable.
For example, if Company X needs to take over company Y within a stipulated time, a loan that takes a lot of time to get approved would make X lose out the opportunity of acquisition making the loan at a lower interest rate completely useless.

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The need to have a perfect credit score when applying for business loans

Alternative lenders provide fast business loans to entrepreneurs who do not have a perfect credit score but are in need of urgent money. Having a good credit score is not a necessity when it comes to alternative financing options.

The need to visit physically to get such loans

Alternative finance institutes have completely seamless methods for loan approval, that too, within 24 hours of documentation and do not require any form of physical visits.
The above points have made alternative lenders, like Hubbe , a popular and preferred option for business loans in Australia. They have transformed the finance market and have made fast and simple business loans accessible to a wide range of organisations and owners, making them one of the most chosen options.