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Are you anxious that your poor credit history or lack of financial backup will affect in getting a property loan? Well, you can banish all those worries away with a trusted financial partner like Hubbe. No matter the barriers that stand between you and the property you wish to invest in, we are here to remove it all away. We provide property finance to those who are unable to get loans from banks to secure a property. We act an intermediator and facilitate in obtaining the required finance for our clients by using our excellent connections with various banks and financial institutions across Australia.

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Property Loans through Hubbe

Do you want to secure a residential property loan to get that new house you have your eye on? Do you wish to start investing in a great property at an excellent locality to get good returns? Do you want to get property finance to expand your office space? Do you plan on refurbishing your home by borrowing some money from a financial institution?

So what’s stopping you from making these investments or getting a property loan?

You may have issues with your credit score or do not have any financial backup to secure a loan. However, that’s not the end of your options. You can still get that loan you want through a financial brokerage firm. Hubbe is one of Australia’s leading financial brokerage company that guides people to obtain credit for the property when they have been denied by the banks.

We have professional connections with some of the best financial institutions and banking companies. We craft an intelligent strategy that the lending companies cannot say no to and help you get that desired amount of loan. We make sure your dreams come true by removing any financial obstacle on your path and provide you with the money you require to go ahead with the investment.

Choosing the best options for property finance

When every other door is closed in getting finance for your property, Hubbe guides to secure the loan by creating a plan that appeals to the banking and non-banking property lending companies. We keep ourselves updating with the current happenings in the financial market of Australia and guide you to choose the best property loan lenders.

Why go for a financial broker for property loans?

  • The amount of loan you get is not decided by the value of the property you are investing in.
  • You will be allocated a private banker who will guide you from the start to secure the loan amount you require from a reputable financial institution.
  • You can increase your credit score with unsecured property loans, which will help you in getting loans from the major banking firms.
  • You will get a flexible loan that is customised to meet your requirements.
  • You can secure the loan in concise time as there is no detailed process for evaluating the asset or property. Some financial institutions provide fast turnaround time as quick as less than two days.
  • Your cash is not tied up in some long-term finance; your money will have better liquidity.
  • You are subjected to minimum risk exposure.

How do we help in securing property loan?

Sometimes, the major banks and financial lending companies provide an attractive rate of interest but have stringent loan terms that may not bode well with your current situation. You can look at the second-tier financial companies that have flexible options to secure loans for properties when some of the basic loan requirements aren’t met.

There is no straightforward way to decide the amount of loan you can secure and the financial institution that will provide the credit unless we know the complete loan requirements. Hence, we sit with you, listen to your needs and chalk out the key requirements for securing a loan in terms of current assets, rate of interests, repayment timeline, returns expected and the value of the investment.

Property loans available at Hubbe

We provide competitive property loans to help you in making property investments for residential or commercial purposes. We cater to numerous property finances here at Hubbe and our experienced financial specialists will support you throughout the entire process.

Here are some of the vital property loans to consider:

  • Bad credit property loan
  • No doc property loan
  • Low doc property loan
  • Commercial property loan
  • Bridging loans for properties
  • Loans for property investments

Why is Hubbe the best choice for property finance?

If you are trying to secure a property in Australia, rebuild, refurbish, or make any kind of modifications, then Hubbe is your go-to financial partner. If you are looking to re-mortgage your existing property to fund another or go to extreme lengths to secure property finance, talk to us once.

We will provide you smart solutions to secure and manage your finances and also guide you to decide the best loan repayment terms based on your investment. We guide you in acquiring the loans fast and hassle-free at a competitive interest rate. We provide consultations with in-depth financial insights to find the right loan for property lending.

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Low doc property loans & no doc property finance

Generally, to get a property loan from banks, you should furnish proof of income and some asset as a security for the loan amount. However, even when you do not have the required documents to get a loan through the conventional way, we can help you to get a property loan with low doc or no doc property finance.

What are low doc property loans?

For those who are just starting in their career or are a self-employed individual, securing a considerable loan amount can be a difficult task. These are the people who may have income and assets but do not have the required documents, financial statements, or tax returns to support their case.

Fortunately, at Hubbe, we are experts in facilitating loans to such people with a competitive rate of interest. We help you procure different documents than what is asked in the loan application to support your claim and ability to repay the loan. With these documents as an alternative option to the regular tax or financial records that banks ask for, we guide to get cost-effective property loans for residential or commercial purposes.

What are no doc property loans?

When you do not have any proof to support your income, you can still secure loans through Hubbe. This type of loan is provided based on your asset rather than the income evidence. The loan provider will decide the basis of the loan and its terms solely based on the asset you have provided as the security.

To secure this loan, you need not provide the documents like your tax returns or other financial certificates. Instead, we guide to furnish documents based on the security like the value of the asset, evidence of the deposit and its particulars and any other associating proof for the security.

With our broad network of financial connections with non-bank and private property lending companies, we facilitate the no doc property loans.

Bad credit property finance

For those who have bad credit history due to delay in the repayment of loans or credit cards, defaulting on any mortgages or failing to pay bills on time, it can be challenging to find a lending company to get a loan. A lot of top banks and financial institutions will turn down those with a bad credit history, which will affect your ideas for property investment.

Can you get loans with poor credit history?

At Hubbe, we make it possible to get a loan even with bad credit history. We devise a robust strategy to present your case to the private lending companies in Australia to sanction the loan needed for your property investment. We get you the best interest rate for the property finance in spite of the bad credit history from a private lender and help you to progress with your property goals.

Best Private Property Loans in Australia

Private property loans are provided by private lenders for real estate when mainstream lenders turn you away. These private lending companies offer flexible loans for business owners and individuals to make a property investment irrespective of their credit history and the lack of relevant documents.

We, at Hubbe, partner with these private lenders, speak on your behalf and bargain the best interest rate for your loans no matter if it is a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate. We assess your investment needs and its security and provide details to support your loan repayment abilities. For any quick funding, we consult with you, understand your needs and immediately find a private lending company to get your loan as soon as possible, sometimes even within 24 hours!

Want to talk about securing a property loan through Hubbe? Call us on 1800 86 4769 and speak to one of your financial specialists now.

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