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Business Equipment Funding to Streamline Your Growth

Equipment finance for business offers a flexible solution for acquiring business essentials such as general plant items, office and IT equipment, software, POS systems, and more. Catering to various industries, we provide financing options from $5,000 to $500,000, ensuring your business operates efficiently and profitably.

Commercial Equipment Financing: Key Features and Benefits

Borrow Upto 1 M - Hubbe Australia
$5,000 – $500,000 Funding

Access substantial funds without financial statements required.

3-12 months repayment term options with Hubee Australia
3 to 5 Years Loan Terms

Choose flexible repayment periods to suit your needs.

Improved cash flow
Monthly Repayments

Manageable monthly payments streamline budgeting processes.

Approval-as-fast-as-24-Hours with Hubbe Australia
Approval 24-48 Hours

Experience fast approval process enhances business agility.

Approval-as-fast-as-24-Hours with Hubbe Australia
Chattel Mortgage / Loan

Secure financing using the equipment as collateral.

Alternative Business Equipment Financing Options

Why Choose Small Business Equipment Financing

Choose business equipment funding when acquiring essential assets without upfront capital, seeking tax benefits through depreciation deductions, and desiring flexibility in repayment options tailored to business cash flow.

Know if You Meet the Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for equipment financing in Australia ensures that businesses possess the financial stability and experience necessary to manage equipment financing responsibly.

Your business must have a monthly turnover of more than 10k.

Your business must be operating for more than 6 months.

Your age must be 18 years or older.

What Documents are Required?

12 months' bank statements

Application form signed by the owner

Vendor Invoice

An ID of the Purchaser

What are the Documents Required - Hubbe Australia

Industries We Support

We provide business finance to the majority of industries, including:

Retail Excluding Fit-outs business loans - Hubbe Australia
Wholesale business loans - Hubbe Australia
Manufacturing business loans - Hubbe Australia
Business Loan for Professional Services and Consultants - Hubbe Australia
Food And Beverage Business Loans - Hubbe Australia
Technology Business Financing - Hubbe Australia
Automotive Business Loans - Hubbe Australia

How can we help you get Business Equipment Financing?

At Hubbe, we connect businesses with Business Equipment Funding lenders in Australia. Our fast and flexible process ensures swift access to financing options tailored to your business needs.

How Can Business Equipment Financing Help Your Business?


Cash Flow Management

Equipment finance for businesses reduces upfront costs, allowing businesses to distribute payments and preserve the cash flow.

Purchasing machinery and equipment

Equipment Upgrades

Equipment financing enables continual technology upgrades, keeping businesses competitive and efficient.

Tailored Business loan Solutions Hubbe Australia

Stocking Solution

It can help you ensure that your inventory is always stocked and ready to meet customer demands with equipment finance for business.

Flexible-access-to-business-funds with Hubbe Australia

Business Expansion

Small business equipment financing helps businesses expand, offering the tools to explore new markets and boost production.


Scale for growth

Financing gives businesses access to modern equipment, supporting production increases and market expansion.

Upgrade-your-business with Hubbe Australia

Introducing New Range

Equipment financing aids in diversifying product lines, allowing businesses to innovate and introduce new products effectively.

How Hubbe Can Help Your Business Grow?

Hubbe enables you to secure tailored Business Equipment Financing in Australia, providing flexible terms to facilitate business growth. With quick approvals and a focus on custom financing options, Hubbe helps businesses efficiently manage resources and invest in essential equipment for expansion and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We also offer a Flexible Term Loan and an International Line of Credit to help with your other finance needs.

Yes, absolutely. Our Relationship Managers are available to help you with any questions and at every step of the short and simple process. Reach out to us on 1800 86 4769.

We offer finance for a wide range of business equipment, including:

  • General office equipment
  • Yellow goods, green goods
  • Manufacturing plant and workshop
  • Telephony
  • Computer and IT (maximum 50% software)
  • Catering and hospitality

And other equipment with valid serial numbers.

Yes, you can finance multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, allowing you to equip your business efficiently and cost-effectively with everything it needs to thrive.

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