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Hubbe offers a diverse panel of lenders across Australia to better assist you with business vehicle finance for various kinds of businesses. Whether you require a new fleet, work van or company car, the business car finance experts through Hubbe can help you save time and money by sourcing the right finance.

Business Vehicle Loans: Key Features and Benefits

Borrow Upto 1 M - Hubbe Australia
Finance from $20K

Invest in your business vehicle needs and growth opportunities efficiently.

3-12 months repayment term options with Hubee Australia
Loan term of 12 to 60 months

Choose flexible repayment options that suit your financial planning.

Improved cash flow
Special rates for energy-efficient vehicles

Benefit from preferential interest rates when financing vehicles that meet energy efficiency standards.

Approval-as-fast-as-24-Hours with Hubbe Australia
Approval 24-48 Hours

Experience quick financing decisions with approvals and streamline your acquisition process.

Use Asset itself as Security

The financed vehicle acts as collateral, acting as security for the loan without additional assets.

Only-pay-Interest - Hubbe Australia
Fixed Interest Rate

Enjoy the stability of a fixed interest rate, ensuring predictable monthly payments without any surprises.

Available Business Vehicle Finance Options

When to Get Business Vehicle Loans

A small business vehicle loan might be suitable if you need to purchase vehicles for your company’s operations to support business activities efficiently.

seasonal business loans with Hubbe Australia
Multiple assets

Business vehicle loans facilitate acquiring various vehicles simultaneously, streamlining procurement processes and ensuring fleet readiness.

expansion business loans with Hubbe Australia
Planning for growth

Loans support expanding operations by providing the necessary funds to acquire additional vehicles to meet increased demand.

short-term business loans - Hubbe Australia
Improving efficiency

Vehicle loans enable upgrading to newer, more efficient models, enhancing productivity and reducing maintenance costs.

Seeking a competitive edge

Acquiring commercial car loans allows businesses to stay competitive by maintaining a modern and reliable vehicle.


Small business car loans cover the cost of both new and used vehicles, offering flexibility in acquiring assets to suit budgets and requirements.

Specialised vehicles

Loans cater to diverse needs, including agricultural and construction vehicles, supporting specific industry operations and requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Vehicle Finance

You have to meet certain eligibility criteria in order to be eligible for a business vehicle loan because it gives lenders more faith in your ability to repay. Meeting these requirements builds trust between the lender and the borrower. The requirements to obtain a vehicle loan through us are:

Your business must have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)

You must intend to use the product mostly for business purposes.

What Documents are Required?

The last 6 months' bank statements

Application form signed by the owner

The ID of the Purchaser

What are the Documents Required - Hubbe Australia

How Can a Vehicle Loan Help Your Business?


Streamline Business Operations

Simplify and optimise your business processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs for smoother operation management.

Purchasing machinery and equipment

Reliable Transportation

Ensure seamless operations and timely deliveries by investing in dependable vehicles that support efficient workflow and minimise downtime.

Tailored Business loan Solutions Hubbe Australia

Grow Your Business

Propel your company towards success by leveraging strategic investments in essential assets like vehicles for enhanced productivity.

Flexible-access-to-business-funds with Hubbe Australia

Stay Competitive

Get the competitive edge with access to up-to-date vehicles equipped with access to up-to-date technology and features for improved performance.


Flexible Financing Options

Choose from a range of customisable financing solutions crafted to meet your business needs and budget constraints.

Upgrade-your-business with Hubbe Australia

Improve Logistics and Distribution

Optimise the movement of goods and services by integrating efficient vehicle logistics solutions to enhance distribution efficiency and reduce costs.

How Hubbe Can Help You?

Hubbe can assist you by providing tailored financial solutions to support your business’s vehicle and equipment needs through flexible funding options. These solutions help you streamline operations and drive growth. With personalised guidance and quick access to capital, Hubbe enables you to achieve your business goals efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A balloon payment option offers lower monthly repayments but requires a lump sum at the end. Consider it if you prefer lower ongoing costs and have the means to make the final payment.

A balloon payment is a larger, final payment due at the end of a loan term, commonly used in small business car loans. It reduces regular payments but requires a significant amount to be paid at the end of the term.

Commercial car loans typically cover a wide range of vehicles, including vans, trucks, cars, and specialised equipment needed for business operations. These loans are designed to support various business needs and vehicle types.

Yes, you can qualify for business vehicle finance as a self-employed individual or sole trader.

Yes, you can purchase a car using your Australian Business Number (ABN). Many lenders offer business vehicle finance to individuals and companies using their ABN for tax and business-related purposes.

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