Merchant Cash Advance

Our Merchant Cash Advance facility is designed to match the cash flow of your business. It is an unsecured business loan with a variable repayment, using a small percentage of your credit card and EFTPOS sales as daily repayment for the term of the loan. Merchant advance funding provides businesses with the flexibility to make lower repayments during slower periods, better managing your cash flow.

We are here to help grow your business with working capital for renovations, maintenance costs, expansion, weather slow periods, staff hire and more.

Unlike a bank, merchant cash advance loans requires minimum paperwork and is an unsecured finance option. Our quick assessment and approval means we can provide you with funding within 48 hours.

As most businesses have fluctuating cash flow – our merchant advance funding adjusts to meet the affordability of each repayment.

Your business may suit if:

  • You need flexibility
  • Your business accepts regular EFTPOS sales
  • You need a simple and quick financing solution
  • Your sales fluctuate
  • You want a variable loan repayment and term that works along with your business sales
  • You are operating a new business


Your business may qualify if:

  • Your business has been trading for over 2.5 months
  • Your customers regularly make payments in the form of credit cards or EFTPOS
  • You generate average monthly EFTPOS sales of $20,000 or more ($10,000 for businesses operating for over 12 months)