Our Mission

Helping Australian SME’s grow by providing quick and simple access to flexible funding solutions.

We believe that the successful small businesses are at the heart of a strong economy. They’re the engine room of the Australian economy and we want to do everything that we can to support them in their journey. We understand the importance of cash flow for a small business and the constraints small businesses face in accessing the capital required for growing their business. We ensure that we find you the right funding solutions in a fast and flexible manner. Our partnership with multiple lenders assures you the possibility of getting the much-needed capital.

At Hubbe, we connect Australian & New Zealand SME’s to the right finance & financial technology solutions. With operations across Australia, New Zealand, Philippines & India, we are well positioned to connect businesses to our preferred partners. If your business is looking at penetrating new markets, increasing market share or want to provide value add services to existing clients, but is constrained by the operational cost and the logistics in executing the strategy, Hubbe can be your partner of choice.

Hubbe was set up to support our partner businesses and the wider pool of SME’s.

Businesses partnering with Hubbe
  1. New Business Development by reaching out by phone/digital to our database of over 35k+ SME’s
  2. Introduction of new products and services to the company’s existing portfolio
  3. Outsource non-core processes to reduce costs without impacting efficiency and effectiveness
Australian Small to Medium Businesses
  1. Connecting them to the right partner for products/services
  2. Raising awareness on new products/services

In the short time since inception,Hubbe began working on a simple yet fundamental problem in the SME market – access to flexible capital. Given that SME segment contributes to over half of Australia’s GDP and creates over 7 million jobs, it is vital that these businesses grow at a healthy pace.

However, there are a few challenges

  • lack of awareness of financing solutions among the SME segment
  • relatively small number of specialized lending institutions for this segment, and
  • small pool of active SME borrowers.

For us at Hubbe, this was exactly the kind of challenge we wanted because it gave us the opportunity to

  • help lending institutions increase loan disbursals in the SME segment
  • increase focus on core business by outsourcing processes like credit, customer queries etc.

To do this, we set ourselves the goal of reaching out to 1 million small businesses over a period of time and connect them to the right lending partner. We aim to do this by using a simple and scalable model – our trained staff in Hubbe owned contact centres (India and Philippines) speak to small businesses directly to understand their pain points and guide them to the right solution.

In parallel, we apply a customized digital strategy to connect with small business owners. We are confident that our connect with thousands of SME’s provides a powerful platform to distribute many meaningful/ value added solutions and be a reliable partner on your growth journey.

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