Easy, Flexible and Express Equipment Finance

Are you looking to buy new vehicles, equipment or technology? Worry no more, we can help you preserve your capital and manage your cash flow.

Our partnership with a diverse panel of lenders enables us to assist you with an extensive range of equipment finance solutions to all kinds of businesses across Australia. With tailored product offers, the finance companies support a broad range of industries from individual pieces of equipment to complete fit-outs. From IT and telecommunications equipment to printing presses and earth-moving machinery, or even a commercial kitchen fit-out, the finance company can put together an equipment finance solution that’s just right for your business.

Our lending specialists analyze your existing finance and tailors new equipment loans for your business, helping you preserve your capital and manage cash flow.

We know, finding the right equipment is essential to the success of your business, thus we’re here to help.

Buying a piece of equipment might be an option but it takes up your cash flow, clutters your balance sheet with depreciating assets, and leaves you without the funds to dedicate to other areas to grow your business. Ongoing maintenance can also have an impact on your hip pocket.

With equipment financing, you can free up your capital to use in other areas of the business such as marketing and advertising, hiring talent, providing employee’s wages. It also allows you to make a more effective budget for your business. The facility also provides the luxury of replacing obsolete or faulty equipment, if required.

Three of the most commonly used equipment financing options are listed below. The guide will assist you in choosing the right equipment loan that best fits your business.

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Operating Lease

Operating lease is a financial agreement in which the lease term is lesser than the real useful life span of the equipment. Operating lease is usually used in various businesses to allow for a relatively short-term use of the equipment.

Features of an operating lease:

  • Its term is lesser in comparison to the financial lease
  • Ownership is not passed to the lessee at any time
  • Several lessees can be used for one asset. It does not merely depend on a sole lessee for its cost recovery
  • The minimum amount for operating lease is 10000$

Benefits you get from an operating lease

  • Not much capital is required by a company in getting the equipment
  • No depreciation costs and taxes are involved as there is no ownership of equipment
  • There is no fear of equipment obsolescence
  • There is much flexibility as you are not stuck with one limited functioning piece of equipment, this helps you keep in pace with the latest technologies

Finance Lease

Finance lease is such kind of lease wherein there is transfer of a substantial portion of rewards and risks linked with the ownership.

  • It puts the lessee in the rank of a virtual owner
  • The lessor only takes financial rewards and risks and is not accountable for asset based rewards and risks
  • The asset cannot be returned by the lessee
  • Rate of return for the lessor is fixed and does not depend upon the asset performance or value or any other extraneous charges
  • They technically differ from secured loans but are substantively similar to them

Chattel Mortgage / Loan

With a chattel mortgage, you buy the equipment funded by a loan from the finance company. The lender retains a charge over the equipment (much like a mortgage on a home) and you have full use of it over the term – it’s yours. When your last repayment is made, the lender releases the charge over the equipment.

Ownership starts from the beginning of the contract, so you can deduct the depreciation of the goods, as well as the interest component of the payments. GST can also be claimed back in full in first BAS.

  • No GST added to interest component of repayments
  • Depreciation and interest are tax-deductible
  • Balloon and deposit options to decrease monthly payments
  • No capital outlay: easy on your cash flow
  • Flexible terms: 24-60 months
  • Simple & easy approval process

Still Have Questions?

As the taxation and accounting treatments of various finance products may vary, we recommend you seek independent expert advice before choosing an option.

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